New Short “Fifty Bucks” – Here are some not moving images!

Alex dead

Hey people,

The Art on Fire factories are hard at work pumping out new “comedy” short films for everyone to laugh at, or maybe just a chuckle at, or maybe you just watch half of and bail out before there are any jokes. We have statistics, we know what you’re up to.  Anyhow, the Chinese children that write and film our shorts are working their little aching fingers to the bone on a new short “Fifty Bucks”. A very sick Chinese carrier pigeon let me know that there are one or two days of filming left and maybe a few weeks of post production. I know, it’s kinda far away. But the labour is cheap and who can argue with that?

We’ll be filming A LOT for the next few weeks, trying to get some stuff in the can before winter wraps it’s cold, dead hands around us for 8 months. Coming soon will be the shorts “Sex Ed” and a golly good one by the name of “Last Wish”.  But what about winter? Well, we kinda have a plan. It’s weird, maybe too weird, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen. More about that later, for now, just enjoy these stills. As always, check out the links below for older videos.

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