Welcome to the new, slightly downgraded Art on Fire website!

Hey Everyone,

So, we were offline for a while. It’s true. What a bunch of fucks. What happened? Life happened, buddy. Jobs, children, bands, education, surfing the “deep web” and Neil’s obsession with porn involving volcanos have all gotten in the way of shooting dick jokes. We have reasonably rightened the ship now a days so we are no longer the black hole of the interweb we once were.

What can you, the consumer, expect from us in the future? Hopefully a short or two a month. Man, that would be nice. Also, from time to time I will be updating this blog with whatever I feel like. A short story that hasn’t been proof read and is a grammatical nightmare? You got it. Old videos with some trivia bits and behind the scenes gossip? You will find out who is fucking who on the Art On Fire sets, and it will shock you. Me confusing Nelson Mandela and Morgan Freeman? For sure brother. Movie reviews, taco recipes (pro tip, it’s pronounced TA-co in Mexico), old David Letterman top ten lists and maybe some internet dating advice from Steve McNeil.

So, this should be fun. Add us to your phone or whatever.

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-Love Rob