New Sketch!

Hey folks,

We’ve been in a bit of hiatus (or a “he ate us”) as of late because, well, it’s summer. As much as we like doing this we also like traveling and being outside and not freezing to death. But, summer’s beautiful smile will soon turn to the stained, jagged baby teeth like pervert grin of fall.

Joe Strummer of The Clash backstage at the Palladium after a concert. SN 2495-33


Anyways. This is a sketch we showed at the screening, it is a bit of a oldie, but it’s never been on the internet (or “net”) before, so enjoy it. Check here our facebook page for more updates in the coming weeks.

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New Short FIlm! The Robot Who Directs Gay Porn!

Robot poster Finished

Here is our latest short film, The Robot Who Directs Gay Porn”. I know what you’re thinking, “I can’t watch this at work!” and then you say “I’ll watch it later”, but then you never do. This alarms us here at the Art on Fire Factories, so we renamed it in a clever way as not to offend the slave masters you work for who feel that you have zero self control.

This also played at our screening, and as such, is the last thing we’ll post from it. We’ll be writing for a little while and we have some things up our sleeves, so check back often.

In the meantime (and in between time) check out the entire Art on Fire collection!

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Good Lord! Art on Fire is having a screening!

Poster 1 large

We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be having our very own screening in Regina! 

It will be on February 13th at The Artful Dodger (1651 11th Avenue) in Regina. There will also be films by Justin Ludwig, Over the Fence and Tim Thurmeier. We will be debuting Three BRAND NEW FILMS: The Robot Who Directs Gay Porn, Last Wish and Derek Lixxx The Rock n’ Roll Lawyer.

Films will start at 9pm, but feel free to come early and hang out.  Afterwards ArtonFire’s own Kurtis Rothecker will be playing a set with his band Bad Comrade. More bands could be added literally at any second, so stay tuned.

Check out the trailer below.